Kick Boxing Championship

Kick-Boxing, one of martial arts sport disciplines, has thousands of followers throughout Asia


Besides the Olympics, another sport event that caused expectation in China this summer was International Full Contact Kick-Boxing championship which pitted China against Japan's best and received nationwide television coverage. and is extremely popular around the world. Kick Boxing is a sport which combines Karate-type kicks with punches. The sport was born in the early 60's-not in the US as many followers believe-but simultaneously in Japan and Thailand. D.A.S. distributor in China "Concord Trading Co. Ltd.", was the official sponsor of the event in which the Chinese fighters won by five rounds.

Due to the large size of the venue and the amount of people attending, a wide variety of systems were used to provide adequate coverage for everyone. The main PA was made up of ground stacked Aero 28 line array systems. Concord installed eight CA-28 mih-hi packs and four CA-215 subwoofers for the event. Around the ring, systems comprised of ground stacked Reference series R-212's reinforced with ST-218 horn-loaded subwoofers, stand mounted ST-15´s and DS-115´s were placed to provide sound to all sections of the spectator areas. The D.A.S. Energy series E-20 amps were used to provide power.

Concord Trading made sure everyone knew that D.A.S. was there with an incredible display of logos and publicity. Even in the ring, the company's logos were prominently displayed, bringing D.A.S. to the forefront of this championship and proving once again that, where there has to be sound, there has to be D.A.S.

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