Kaari Finland

D.A.S. Audio brings the sound to the Kaari shopping center in Finland




  The much-anticipated Kaari shopping center in Helsinki, Finland, has finally opened its doors to the public. The shopping center sits on 101,000 m² of land and boasts 46,600 m² of retail space that houses more than 75 shops, a restaurant village and a range of services. Touted as an interactive and technologically-advanced center, Kaari features innovations and designs that apply solutions never seen before in Finland, including a D.A.S Audio professional sound system, to place Kaari at the cutting edge of both retail and entertainment.

With over 160,000 visitors registered over its opening weekend and an expected 6.5 million visitors annually, Kaari owners HOK-Elanto needed a sound solution that could handle a variety of performances and events year-round. Audio professionals Electro Waves were called in to design and install the permanent sound system at Finland’s newest shopping center. Sales Director Jyti Ålander commented on the particular requirements of the job. “They needed to have system that is both easy to use and can work with bands and promotions.” After decades of experience working with D.A.S. Audio products Ålander and the Electro Waves technical crew was confident that the D.A.S. systems were the right solution for the weekly events, promotions and performances held at Kaari.

After studying the venue’s specific requirements Electro Waves decided to install a total of 16 D.A.S. Aero 8A systems. These compact yet powerful line arrays were rigged in two clusters of eight systems each to ensure exceptional sound quality and unmatched levels of versatility. Using D.A.S. rigging frames the team from Electro Waves was able to adjust the splay angles to achieve wide coverage throughout Kaari’s main event area, located in the middle of the shopping center.

The Aero 8A units were augmented with two LX-215RA subwoofers. These compact and highly-efficient systems provide an impressive combination of punch, response, and low-frequency support. Combined with the Aero 8As the system offers incredibly intelligible sound transmission and optimal acoustic dispersion for a range of events, from high-energy performance to activities where clear speech intelligibility is crucial.

Thanks to their elegant and discreet design the D.A.S. units integrate seamlessly into Kaari’s modern and digitally-focused design. This new concept in shopping combines technology, sustainability and design to provide shoppers with a one-of-a-kind retail experience and the D.A.S. Audio system is the perfect solution for the range of sound requirements at this first-class shopping center.

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