Juice Bar Auckland

Variant Installation Line Arrays keep the music vibrant


Billed as New Zealand's new home for live music, the Juice Bar at the Windsor Castle caters to all genres of the musical spectrum- from live Hip-hop and R&B to acoustic folk, pop, and heavy rock. Adjacent to the Windsor Castle, a favorite social gathering point, the new Juice Bar was specifically created as a cutting-edge music performance venue for bands of all styles to ply their trade. With the expertise of Auckland, N.Z.-based Edwards Sound Systems Ltd, a new sound reinforcement system from D.A.S. Audio has made the Juice Bar the talk of the town.

Edwards Sound is a design/build firm with an established record for commercial installations as well as being a full service provider of audio, video, and lighting services for the special events markets. Jonathan Hardie-Neil, Managing Director of Edwards Sound, discussed the nature of the project.

"The primary challenge we faced was that the Juice Bar was to be multi-purpose," explained Neil. "Our clients, whose expectation of value and high quality sound are well known, intended this space to be used both as a bar and as a live music venue. Being that the typical Juice Bar patron is in their 20's and 30's and that the venue capacity was intended for roughly 500 people, we knew the system needed to deliver concert level sound quality while offering a sophisticated visual aesthetic."

Sound for the new Juice Bar is handled primarily by the D.A.S. Audio Variant 112A installation line array, a self-powered, 2-way, full-range loudspeaker system with a compact form factor. Located over the stage at one end of the space, the nearly 5,000-watt system consists of two clusters flown in a left-right configuration. Low frequency support is provided by a pair of Variant 18A powered subwoofers- positioned on the floor and vertically aligned with the loudspeaker clusters overhead. Projecting into the length of the room, which measures 16 meters, the new system provides very musical, consistent coverage throughout the space with a high level of speech intelligibility. Working from essentially the same feed as the Variant 112A system, a separate zone consisting of four D.A.S. Audio Artec 8 two-way loudspeakers are positioned at the front entrance.

"The Variant 112A's sound unbelievably good," notes Neil, "and the integrated amplifier and processing is a huge advantage in installations like this where a different sound engineer operates the rig every night. Since none of the critical settings involving limiting, component time alignment, crossover points, or gain can be modified, the system sounds exactly as intended every time it's used.

"The Juice Bar's new D.A.S. Audio system has proven highly successful. "We're delighted with the D.A.S. system and how brilliantly it performs" says the Juice Bar's Daniel Wrightson. "It provides an exceptional audio solution for the Juice Bar. It's perfect; has delivered great sound across all genres, and impressed the pants out of bands and punters alike-and, we haven't annoyed the neighbors too much!"

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