Jazz in the Basque Country

The San Sebastian International Jazz Festival, without doubt one of Europe's premier music events


D.A.S Audio sound systems were once again protagonists of the prestigious Jazz Festival and Seminars recently held in the Basque Country. The city of San Sebastian presented its 42nd edition of Jazzaldia; the San Sebastian International Jazz Festival, without doubt one of Europe's premier music events. Every summer, audiences can enjoy music from some of the jazz scene's true living legends, and this edition was no exception, offering live acts from Brian Ferry, Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Isaac Hayes, Elvis Costello, Pat Metheny, Sly & The Family Stone, and more.

The concerts are staged at several venues across the city and the more select and limited seating performances take place at the Victoria Eugenia Theater, the Kursaal Auditorium and La Plaza de la Trinidad (Trinity Square). More than 100,000 people enjoyed the free open-air concerts on the Kursaal's Terraces, Zurriola Beach and at the spectacular local landmark on Ondarreta Beach called "Peine del Viento" or Wind Combs.

D.A.S Audio's Aero line array systems were installed at one of the open-air stages on the Kursaal Center's Terraces which were constantly packed with people. The sound company Soinua, from the town of Mondragon and led by Jorge de la Torre supplied and installed a total of 16 Aero 28A systems, together with six CA-215A subwoofers and two Aero 218A 2K units for bass reinforcement.

Eight Aero 28A systems and three CA-215A units were flown on each side of the stage and the two remaining Aero 218A 2K units were centered at the foot of the stage.The whole sound and rigging system proved to beextremely robustwhen exposed to the typically harsh weather conditions experienced in this area of the Cantabrian coastline. Proof of this was the night of July 23rd. The systems had already been installed and tested, when according to Soinua's crew, a terrible weather front brought huge gusts of wind and heavy rain and the following day they found that it had caused some damage to the stage, (canvases and banners had become loose or even torn away) but the sound system itself was sound and secure.

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