Irish Corner with Artec

Located on the famous Arturo Soria street in Madrid, the pub recreates the typical Irish style


The D.A.S. Artec systems have become part of the décor in the Irish Corner Pub. . A place where one can savor Irish meals, have a drink or enjoy different live performances, such as the "New Comedians" humor and monologue night from the Paramount comedy channel.

The three floor venue has 250m2 on each level and is characteristic of those types of places that completely captivate the public and easily proliferate through Spanish cities. D.A.S. Artec systems have been installed throughout the entire venue by Madrid based "MSB Audio, S.L." directed by Manuel Suárez.

Approximately 60 ceiling loudspeakers CL-8 provide sound to the different areas in this spectacular building garnished with Celtic motifs. The ground floor has a summer terrace where clients can enjoy a pleasant conversation in a cool and natural atmosphere. Fifteen ceiling loudspeaker units equipped with multi-tap line transformers were installed on the covered terrace. Signal amplification is provided by D.A.S. CSA-300T amplifiers equipped to handle distributed systems.

The live performance area has been equipped with D.A.S.'s new Artec sound systems. Specifically, the Artec 28W have been used, repainted to match the ceiling décor. The systems come equipped with two 8" speakers for low frequency reproduction and a 1" annular diaphragm compression driver for high frequency reproduction. These versatile systems can be placed on walls, ceilings and columns, as well as in a vertical or horizontal position.

Signal amplification is supplied with a D.A.S. P.S. series amplifier, model PS-800. On Wednesday nights, The Irish Corner customers enjoy the "New Comedians" humor and monologue nights from the Paramount Comedy. The different amateur artists entertain the spectators with their amusing stories and anecdotes.This enchanting Madrid pub turns into an improvised stage where the evenings are worth remembering. Without a doubt, this is a pub which offers a full range of services in today's ever more demanding world of leisure.

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