International Visits

Groups from France, Denmark, Norway and Brazil visited the D.A.S. factory in Valencia


During the last week of September, numerous clients from different European countries and a large group of guests from America visited the D.A.S. factory in Valencia, Spain. All together, over 60 people from France, Norway, Denmark and Brazil, were present at the factory along with the respective distributors of each country.

With the objectives of getting to know the company from the inside along with an in-depth knowledge of the current products, the groups were given a guided tour of the different sections of the factory and had the opportunity to directly experience the development, design and manufacturing process of the different systems that built in Spain by D.A.S. and distributed worldwide.

The tours and presentations were offered by Javier Navarro, Head of Engineering and his team including Víctor Catalá, Joan La Roda, Inma Herrera, Gonzalo Arroyo and Eva Argandoña, all members of the D.A.S. Engineering department. The D.A.S. sales team in full with Gonzalo Aguirre, Gerard Loret, Nacho Chuliá and Export Sales Director Jack Palacio were on hand to help with the coordination of the event.

Special emphasis was placed on the Aero Series 2 line array systems, which have rapidly achieved enormous international success. These systems incorporate the latest design and component technologies, as well as application of cutting-edge computer aids in their development.

The sessions included lectures on line array system theory, alignment of subwoofer units, and notions on the different computer programs for acoustic prediction and configuration for linear systems. These presentations were held at the large auditorium located in the D.A.S. installations and where guests had the opportunity to listen to the new Aero Series 2 systems manufactured by the firm.

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