International Customers at D.A.S.

D.A.S. Audio welcomes international customers





D.A.S. Audio recently opened its doors to international visitors from Asia, Russia, and Italy, who took advantage of their attendance at the international Prolight & Sound 2015 trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, to make the trip to Valencia, Spain, for a firsthand look at D.A.S. Audio’s facilities.

Two groups from Asia and Russia made the first visit to D.A.S. Audio’s headquarters to increase their knowledge about the brand’s products and their wide-reaching applications. Both groups, accompanied by Juan Luis García, General Manager of D.A.S. Audio Asia, and Ignacio Chuliá, D.A.S. Audio Export Area Manager, took an extensive tour of the company’s production facilities and had the opportunity to see the entire manufacturing and assembly process of the company’s extensive range of products and systems.

The groups continued their visit in the magnificent auditorium located at the D.A.S. headquarters, where Technical Director Javier Navarro gave a comprehensive lecture on the new products presented at the trade fair in Frankfurt, including the powered Aero 20A line array systems, the versatile Vantec Series and the new HQ systems, designed specifically for large installations and live events.

The visit was topped off by putting theory into practice with a live display of the high-performance D.A.S. Aero Series 2 and Event Line Array systems.

A few days later, D.A.S. Audio welcomed representatives from its Italian distributor AUDIOSALES, who travelled to Valencia along with one their customers from Sicily; these visitors were treated to a tour of the facilities as well as a firsthand display of the power of D.A.S. Audio’s new powered Aero Series 2 and Event Line Array systems.

The massive success of the Aero Series 2 line array systems, which have been reliably deployed at some of the world’s biggest concerts in recent years, has led to an increasing interest by European customers in the Spanish manufacturers newest models, particularly the new Aero 20A, the direct heir of its “big brother”, the Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System).

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