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Inedit in Florida pulsates to the sound with D.A.S. Audio systems


Inedit, a brand new establishment for Spanish cuisine / tapas (appetizers) and music, is rapidly becoming the spot for dining and entertainment in the South Florida metropolitan area. Inedit, derived from the word ‘Inedito’, which refers to the unknown that inspires discovery within the Spanish culture, is a beautifully decorated facility. To ensure the music throughout the building sounds every bit as compelling as the food and the patrons who frequent the establishment, management decided to install a new loudspeaker system drawn from the catalog of Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio.

Miami, FL-based FM Lab, Inc., was contracted to handle the design and installation of Inedit’s new sound reinforcement system. Fernando Mezzarapa, Owner and President of FM Lab, discussed the nature of the project and the factors that led to the deployment of the D.A.S. Audio Convert, Aero Series 2, and Action Series loudspeakers.

“Inedit is a vibrant dining and entertainment experience,” Mezzarapa reports. “The owners made it clear they wanted a sound system that could function equally well for both background music and paging and still have the ‘ooomph’ to support live musicians and DJ’s. After taking our measurements and evaluating the acoustical characteristics of the property, we decided to install D.A.S. Convert 12A powered, 2-way full range loudspeakers for the house mains, accompanied by LX-215A powered band-pass subwoofers. Further, we placed the Action series M12A powered stage monitors for the stage and DJ booth.”

The stage in the main dining and dancing area is outfitted with four Convert 12A’s—positioned two enclosures per side. Two additional Convert 12A’s reside at the far end of this area: one enclosure each for the left and right. Low frequency support is provided by two LX-215A subwoofers that are stacked while a pair of D.A.S. Action M12A floor monitors keeps the live musicians in touch with the overall sound.

In the adjacent VIP lounge, Mezzarapa and his crew placed another two Convert 12A enclosures plus a single LX-215A subwoofer to ensure that patrons in this area could experience the music as it sounds in the main area. And for those times when music is provided by a DJ, Mezzarapa placed a single D.A.S. Action M12A monitor in the DJ booth.

Before shifting his focus to upcoming projects, Mezzarapa offered this final thought. “We couldn’t be happier with the way the entire job turned out,” says Mezzarapa. “The new sound system is working beautifully and our client is completely satisfied. Inedit’s new sound system sounds terrific and ensures the music is just right.”

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