Independence Stadium Namibia

Namibia's Independence Stadium gets upgraded with new D.A.S. Audio systems

  Football is Africa’s most popular sport and draws huge crowds to stadiums across the continent. Namibia is no exception, and the epicenter of sport’s activity in Windhoek, the country’s capital and largest city, is the national Independence Stadium. The country’s largest stadium, the 25,000-seater Independence was recently updated with a new professional D.A.S. Audio sound system. The Independence is home to major sporting events, especially football, but also plays host to a range of other political or religious events; forever commemorated in the stadium’s name, Namibia’s independence celebrations are held here every March 21st.

As the center of Namibia’s sports and culture the Independence Stadium needed a rehaul of its sound reinforcement system to provide clear, precise sound at the various events held at the venue. Local event management and sound and light company Galaxi Productions, led by Roland Enke, was called in to head the sound project. The sound team worked closely with D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Projects Department, with Eva Argandoña at the helm, and after performing a number of acoustic studies and simulations the team opted to install line-array systems drawn from the D.A.S. Audio’s Aero and Variant Series.

The main challenge the sound team faced was the stadium’s only covered stand, which limited the options for flying the sound systems to just this one area. After studying the options available the sound team decided to mount the sound for the entire stadium from this specific area. The rugged, externally powered D.A.S. Aero 38 systems were the perfect fit, and Enke and his team deployed ten of these line-array systems in two linear set-ups of five units each. Distributed in the central area of the main stand, the Aero 38s provided solid coverage to all the stands located on the opposite side of the stadium.

Two linear formations of five powered D.A.S. Aero 28A line arrays were mounted to cover the stands at either end of the Independence. Thanks to their ample 100º horizontal coverage, when flown and angled correctly the Aero 28As provided full sound for the end stands and eliminate any possible acoustic “shadows”.

The main stand was upgraded with four linear formations of four powered D.A.S. Variant 112A systems each. This set-up was distributed transversally throughout the stands and provided complete sound coverage. The system was rounded out with two D.A.S. DSP-2060 digital signal processors. These compact 2-input/6-output systems, ideal for installs, administrate and control the entire system.

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