Indalo Sonido excels with Aero

The Peoples International Folk Festival held at the magnificent Roman Theatre in Merida


The expansion of the D.A.S. Aero line array systems has become evident over the last years. Many concerts, festivals and all kinds of live events rely on powered Aero line array systems for their robustness, dependability and performance. Proof of this is the firm Indalo Sonido, located in the region of Extremadura, Spain, with over 15 years of experience in the pro-audio industry and employing these systems at all kinds of open-air events.

Heading Indalo Sonido is Indalecio Montero, founder and director of the company located in the historical city of Merida, capital of the region of Extremadura. Powered D.A.S. Aero 38A units are among the inventory of audio systems the company has for sound reinforcement projects, not to mention the army of Aero 218A 2K subwoofers, their respective D.A.S. SM-12A stage monitors and Compact-115 units for side-fill.

This selection of top-level equipment enables the company to offer a complete range of audiovisual rental and installation services for live events. One of their more recent success stories using Aero systems, was the Peoples International Folk Festival held at the magnificent Roman Theatre in Merida, designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1993.

For this particular festival, the firm's technical crew deployed six D.A.S. Aero 38A units. Two line arrays comprising three units were vertically mounted on their transport dollies on the floor on each side of the Roman Theatre's impressive stage. Stage monitoring was handled by six 12" model SM-12A units from the D.A.S. Stage Monitor range. The acoustic conditions of the venue and the festival itself rendered low frequency reinforcement unnecessary.

Aero systems also provided sound reinforcement at the Youth Festival held in the town of Puebla de la Reina in the district of Badajoz. The high-power PA system incorporated 12 Aero 38A systems flown in two six-unit arrays on each side of the stage. Ten D.A.S. Aero 218A 2K subwoofers were added to deliver optimum low frequency reinforcement and round off the truly convincing performance of the entire system. A pair of Compact 115 units managed stage side-fill while eight SM-12A monitors covered the specific needs of each participating band. The final result was a system that delivered high quality sound and uniform SPL across the entire audience area.

This season also featured many other sound reinforcement projects including the group Bordon 4's concert at the Almendralejo bullring in Badajoz, the Ahuma Festival in the village of Don Alvaro and several other installations in Portugal and other locations across the Iberian Peninsula. This completes a track record of achievements over several years during which many leading Spanish groups and artists such as Fito & Fitipaldis, Chambao and Rosendo have entrusted their success to the splendid combination of Indalo Sonido staff and D.A.S. Aero systems.

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