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D.A.S. is official sound of IMS Asia Pacific in Shanghai






A veritable who’s who of global sound recently gathered at the IMS Asia-Pacific summit in Shanghai to discuss the unique opportunities and challenges that electronic dance music (EDM) faces in the region. Run by the Ibiza and Los Angeles-based International Music Summit (IMS), the event offers participants a program packed with presentations by musical industry professionals, discussions and debates amongst panelists, and interviews with artists and music professionals.

This year’s theme focused on “bridging the gap between East and West”, an objective directly related to the strategy of Chao GanGuan, D.A.S. Audio’s exclusive distributor in China and official sponsor of this year’s IMS Asia-Pacific.

Headquartered in Shanghai, Chao GanGuan emerged as a partnership between internationally recognized sound companies D.A.S. Audio and Fluge and is a symbol of their joint commitment to providing unrivaled service and expertise to the Chinese market. As an official sound sponsor of the IMS Asia-Pacific summit, Chao GanGuan not only intensified its presence in the market but also had the opportunity to present D.A.S. Audio’s cutting-edge Sound Force series of products. Featuring the combined force of striking design and robust power, these state-of-the-art systems were designed for high-end clubs where exceptional sound is a must.

The company opted to showcase a full rack of Sound Force systems in the event’s Workshop Room, pairing two SF-30A powered subwoofer systems with two SF-215 bass-mid loudspeakers and a single SF-112 three-way system. Together, these systems ensure unmatched performance compared to conventional sound solutions and gave IMS participants a firsthand feel for the systems’ crisp and flawless EDM capabilities.

Chao GanGuan also collaborated with event co-organizer and China’s leading live music entertainment company A2Live to design a system for the background of the venue. The team once again drew from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive catalog of professional sound systems, deploying a total of 12 Vantec 12A multi-purpose systems and one LX-118A subwoofer. The Vantec 12A is a powered portable system with a multi-angle enclosure that permits stage monitor applications as well as a compact PA, while the LX-118A arrayable powered system is designed to provide the low-frequency punch at the heart of every EDM event.

IMS Asia-Pacific drew business leaders, visionaries and both local and globally renowned talents to the two-day summit, giving Chao GanGuan and D.A.S. Audio exposure to some of the biggest names in the EDM industry. Featuring legends like Daniel Miller (Mute Records) and David Levy (WME), superstars like Skrillex, Alesso and Pete Tong and even Asian mega-stars like Jolin Tsai, this year’s IMS Asia-Pacific contributed significantly to pushing the EDM market in China forward in a positive direction.


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