Hotel Opera with Artec

Telesonic Valencia, S.L. recommended the installation of the new D.A.S. Artec systems


The magnificent Hotel Ópera Valencia has put their confidence in the D.A.S. Audio sound systems, installing them in the main areas of its premises. One of the last hotels to open its doors in the east coast capital, it strives to be a reference in the art of hospitality. The hotel is located in a contemporary building positioned above a water spring and enjoys a strategic position in the city adjacent to The City of Arts and Sciences. The beaches and the newly renovated seaport are just a short stroll away. The installation project, carried out by Telesonic Valencia, S.L., recommended the installation of the new D.A.S. Artec systems for the lounge area adjoining the bar. Four Artec 8W systems, white in color, have been installed providing this notable area with a great sound accessory. These modern systems offer wide frequency range and high sound pressure level with a clean and elegant design that integrates perfectly in various environments such as hotels, restaurants or convention halls.

Every afternoon this area is remodeled into a chill out where customers enjoy a varied selection of music in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. The D.A.S. Artec 8W model used in this installation is an ultra compact system built with a plywood enclosure painted white. These systems are fitted with a symmetrical 80º horn geometry which enables precise coverage and control in either the horizontal and vertical position. D.A.S. PS-800 amplifiers are responsible for supplying the power to these systems. Sound systems from the Factor Series were also used for the various common areas of the building.

The main entrance ways, where the spectacular panoramic elevators are located, and the entire hall of the lower level have been sound fitted with Factor 5W systems. A total of 30 white units of this model are used for the paging system as well as for background music. In the convention halls, these systems are used for a third purpose, becoming part of the resources used for celebrating different corporate events. These sturdy and reliable two-way polyurethane cabinets are equipped with a 5¨ loudspeaker and a 25 mm soft dome tweeter. Power is supplied to these systems via models CSA-300Tand CSA600-T of the D.A.S. CSA-T series amplifiers. The Hotel Ópera Valencia boasts of contemporary, fully equipped installations that include an outstanding thermal water spa with state-of-the-art equipment, a superb restaurant of Valencian signature cuisine and a complete fitness center, among other installations.

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