Hotel Beatriz in Toledo

Chemtrol División Teatro decided to use the compact array systems from the D.A.S. Variant series


The monumental city of Toledo boasts a large number of fine hotels being the Hotel Beatriz Toledo one of them. The hotel offers guests a series of top-class facilities including a fantastic auditorium with capacity for 600 people. The room has been conveniently equipped to enable the celebration of any type of event that requires good sound conditions.

To achieve the best sound performance, engineers at Chemtrol División Teatro, S.A., the company in charge of supplying and deploying of the system, decided to use the compact array systems from the D.A.S. Variant series. The features of the room called for the implementation of a linear system, which allows angling the different units in each cluster to ensure a consistent coverage throughout the venue.

A total of 10 D.A.S. Variant 25A units were used, with an additional two Variant 18A units with an 18-inch speaker, for low-frequency reinforcement. Each of the two flown clusters at either side of the stage is made up of a subwoofer unit with 5 units for middle/high frequencies. For extra coverage at the front rows in the auditorium, 4 additional D.A.S. Artec 25 units were placed just below the front of the stage.

The Variant systems' compact design, together with the powered configuration and high performance, make them the ideal option for applications where lightweight and attractive enclosures are required. Their design as integral systems with dedicated components improves the overall operation of the cluster, reducing setup times as well as the total cost of the solution.

A DSP-26 processor was also installed controlling the entire system. It contains presets based on the type of event (whether it is a conference, a presentation, a music performance, etc.). Such preset memories can be selected directly from the integrated control system (AMX), where the user chooses among different configurations for the whole A/V system according to how the room will be used.

The Toledo hotel offers all kinds of facilities and services, including a Spa Centre, a 7,000 sq meter pool and green area, a Piano Bar with a private function room and a fully-equipped sports centre with multi-purpose pitches and tracks. The 800 sq m auditorium is the "jewel on the crown" of a venue with 23 rooms, 4 simultaneous interpreting booths, multimedia room as well as technical control and professional audio facilities. It also includes state-of-the-art audiovisual and WIFI technology for any type of meeting or conference. Moreover, it has direct truck access to the stage to ease the assembly of larger structures, which allows the arrangement of theatre plays, music shows and car launches, among other events.

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