Halve Liter Fuif Belgium

The Halve Liter Fuif in Wieze, Belgium with DAS systems





The Halve Liter Fuif was back in October for yet another night of music and good times in the Belgium city of Wieze. And after years of successful collaboration –DAS Audio has ensured powerful sound for this annual event for the past three years– systems from the Spanish manufacturer were once again called into service to guarantee the same robust sound for this popular event.

Fans packed into the Oktoberhallen, a venue with three halls in the heart of Wieze, for the one-night-only event to celebrate with some of the best party music around. 

The event planner Mario Nobel teamed up with the sound technical supplier SoundSplash led by Pieter Claessens to design and install an end-to-end sound solution for the event. With hours of music and a line-up of performers taking the stage, the sound system had to be powerful yet versatile enough to cover a range of needs and provide the outstanding sound that has earned Halve Liter Fuif its reputation. 

The SoundSplash team rolled out an army of sound gear for this year’s event, including 24 AERO-20 line arrays, flown in a classic right/left configuration to ensure full coverage and outstanding sonic quality for the crowd packed into the Oktoberhallen. These systems were paired with 12 LX-218CA powered subwoofers to deliver that crucial low-frequency punch.

Four portable VANTEC-12A two-way systems were brought in for in-fill, while two SF-MONITOR, a powered DJ monitor system designed by the Spanish manufacturer, delivered exceptional sound. 

The combination of SoundSplash’s sound design and DAS Audio’s professional sound systems ensured that the 2018 edition of Halve Liter Fuif was a resounding success, and plans are already underway for next year’s event. “It was more than satisfactory”, the client said. “We’ve received many positive comments from everyone from the fans to specially the DJs themselves who were really satisfied by the Sound Force monitors systems”.


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