Halloween New Orleans

D.A.S. Audio sound systems inject audible excitement into Halloween New Orleans





When the ghosts and goblins surfaced at two major Halloween events recently, the mood was scary fun. With all the partying, laughing, and other trick or treat activities, there was plenty of noise. What was crystal clear, however, were the announcements and the music emanating from two sound reinforcement system setups deployed by Raven PMG. Consisting of Aero 20A line arrays and LX-118A subwoofers from Valencia, Spain-based D.A.S. Audio, the sound was loud, proud, and it kept the spirits high.

Raven PMG specializes in all aspects of event production and execution, including sound for touring artists, sporting events, music festivals, and more. The company was contracted to handle sound services for Halloween New Orleans, a 4-day event designed to raise money for Project Lazarus, which helps people cope and live with HIV and AIDS. Equally notable, the company also handled sound for Hell’s Gala, one of the largest Halloween parties in New Orleans. Jason Starkey, Raven PMG’s Audio Systems Coordinator, discussed his use of the D.A.S. Audio equipment.

"At the Halloween New Orleans event, we flew six D.A.S. Audio Aero 20A line array enclosures for the left and right sides of the stage and we ground stacked three LX-118A subwoofers per side. c and it was important to maintain a clear, uncluttered stage, so we did not feel the need for front fills. We also utilized two D.A.S. Action M12A powered stage monitors for the DJ booth.”

“For the Hell’s Gala project  we deployed six Aero 20A enclosures per side and ground stacked three LX-118A subwoofers per side.  We also used two Aero 20A enclosures for front fills. This show also had a VIP section on each side of the stage, for which we utilized a single Aero 20A.  The entire setup was run through a D.A.S. DSP-4080 stereo / mono signal processor. Further, we utilized two Action M12A stage monitors for the DJ booth.”

About those attributes of the D.A.S. Audio equipment, Starkey comments. “Efficiency was an important concern with these two events. Both projects took take place on the same day and at venues that stayed busy, so in addition to delivering high quality sound, our load in times were very limited. With the Aero 20A rigging hardware, we were able to get stacks in the air in a fraction of the time it takes with other systems".

"At the SugarMill—the site of Hell’s Gala—there are weight restrictions in regards to flying audio systems, so the amount of coverage we were able to get with the compact Aero 20A line array enclosure was a huge factor.”


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