Gyor International Festival

Two open-air stages were set up for the city's oldest festival


The Hungarian city of Gyor has been celebrating its International Cultural Festival for over forty years. The festival features a colorful mixture of pop, classical and folk music, as well as dance, theatrical productions, exhibitions, a handicrafts fair and gastronomical activities. this year, employing D.A.S Audio Aero 28 and Aero 38 line array systems. The event featured the Gyor National Ballet Theater, drawing crowds of over 10,000 people.

Sound engineer Tibor Vidos and his crew were responsible for the festival's sound and production with equipment supplied by D.A.S Audio distributor for Hungary, Team Audio Ltd, led by Gábor Hajdu. Eight powered Aero CA-28A modules together with four CA-215A subwoofer units were flown on each side of one stage and eight Aero 38A systems plus four Aero 218 2k units for bass reinforcement were employed for the other stage.

Performing on the main stage was the talented and popular Gyor National Ballet, founded in 1979 at the Gyor National Theater. Since their founding, they have performed at the illustrious La Scala Opera House in Milan as well as the Seoul Olympics. The troupe has toured extensively throughout Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy, England, China, India, Russia and the US where they won the Critics'' Prize at the Theater of Nations Festival in Baltimore.

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