Gran Canaria Arena

The new Gran Canaria Arena equipped with D.A.S. Aero Series 2 systems





Photo courtesy Juan Carlos Alonso

  Fans that visit the recently-inaugurated Gran Canaria Arena for events will be able to enjoy the high quality sound provided by D.A.S. Aero Series 2 sound systems. Home to the Club Baloncesto Gran Canaria, this spectacular venue is versatile enough to also be the ideal spot for holding a range of sporting, cultural or musical events in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The arena can seat 11,500 fans during basketball games and upwards of 18,000 when it opens its doors for concerts or events like concerts or supercross races.

Local company Canarias Hipermusic, with Eduardo Marrero and Javier Ramírez at the helm, was called in to handle the design and installation of the D.A.S. sound system. The sound technicians recommended installing the powerful and versatile Aero Series 2 line array systems after studying the arena’s specific measurements and characteristics. The team, led by Canarias Hipermusic’s Carlos Guerra, worked hand-in-hand with D.A.S. Audio’s Sound Projects Department Engineer Eva Argandoña on acoustic simulation and system configuration and tuning.

Six clusters of seven D.A.S. Aero 12A powered  line array systems were installed for the main PA. These six linear formations were flown next to the scoreboard and were angled to ensure optimum coverage for any seat in the house. Four long-throw D.A.S. BiDriver Plus, powered by D.A.S. D-20 amps, were brought in to enhance speech intelligibility on the court, while D.A.S. DSP-4080 digital signal processors handle the management and control of the entire system.

The sound technicians faced the particular challenge of providing powerful yet clear sound to a multipurpose arena with retractable bleachers that can be configured in myriad ways as different events require. The sound system had to be equally versatile and adaptable and the team knew that the D.A.S. Audio systems would be the perfect solution. The top five units of each Aero 12A cluster were set up as long-throw to cover the arena’s permanent stands, while the two lower units were configured as short-throw and angled towards the retractable bleachers, much closer to the court. If needed, the two lower units can be muted when the retractable bleachers are not in use.

To round out the sound at the Gran Canaria Arena the technicians installed D.A.S Audio Ceiling Series speakers in the halls and common areas as well as press and conference room. A "mobile" system comprised of  portable DR-512 systems was provided to use during the presentation of the events held at the arena. This supplementary system was brought to life with D.A.S. PS Series amps to complete a cutting-edge sound system capable of meeting any sound requirement at the Canary Island’s newest large-scale venue.

The Gran Canaria Arena is destined to become one of the most important arenas in Spain, on par with the Buesa Arena in Vitoria, the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona and the Palacio de los Deportes in Madrid. The arena’s incredible versatility is evidenced by the packed schedule of different events over the coming months, including the motocross BP Freestyle in June, a Dani Martin concert that same month, Isabel Pantoja live in July, performances by the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil in August and a number of games for the Spanish-hosted Final Stage of the Mundobasket 2014 in September.

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