Googoosh Hamburg

D.A.S. Aero 50 line array make their German début with Googoosh in Hamburg


D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 Line Arrays make their German début with Googoosh. Googosh is a star among Persians with good reason: she is feted worldwide as an idol and a pioneer of a unique singing style. However, a Googosh live concert is a rare event, and Hamburg, Germany, was lucky enough to recently host one of her very rare live performances.

Soundart GmbH & Co. KG from Bochum has been the technical firm of choice for Persian concert organisers for several years now and enjoys an excellent reputation in the field. This was an ideal opportunity to introduce the as-yet unknown in Germany Aero 50 Line Array system by D.A.S. Audio to the crowd of demanding music-lovers that descended on Hamburg's O₂ World arena to see the Persian idol perform live.

Lars Schnier, D.A.S. Audio System Engineer in Germany, opted for a left/right configuration of 10 Aero 50 units on each side of the stage as the main PA system, plus eight Aero 12A systems as PA out fill. The system was supplemented by 15 LX-218A system subwoofers in cardioid formation with the aim of limiting the low end to just the stage. The self-powered Aero 50 system was operated using 16 Lab.gruppen FP 10000Q amplifiers and four Lake LM 26 processors, which actively powered Aero 12A systems via two D.A.S. DSP 4080 system controllers.

Lars Schnier had only positive things to say about of the process and results of the D.A.S. systems at the O₂ World arena: "Thanks to the very useful planning tool offered by D.A.S. Audio, we were able to determine all of the parameters in advance of the concert, which saved us a great deal of time, particularly in terms of construction, in combination with the excellent handling of the system. Speaker performance is very strong. Both systems have excellent output reserves and reproduce music extremely accurately, something that was particularly noticeable during the complex arrangements performed by the artist."

A 6,500-strong audience followed every nuance and delicate syllable uttered by the singer, and the highly percussive and dynamic repertoire played by Googosh made for a goose bump inducing performance.

Soundart is to provide support to D.A.S. Audio in Germany from now on. In cooperation with Lars Schnier, who is in direct contact with the Spanish manufacturer, the successor to the tried-and-tested Aero product line, the Aero 2 Series, has been introduced to Germany. Close collaboration with the D.A.S. network means that each and every challenge can be met head on by a competent, reliable support service.


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