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Gold Coast Theater in Hangzhou has installed a new professional sound system from D.A.S.


Being one of the most important tourist cities in China, Hangzhou is the home to the Dongpo Theater, the flagship theatre of Gold Coast Company. As one of the top entertainment theatres in China, the Dongpo Theatre offers two performances nightly, and the sound quality is a major consideration for all who perform at the Dongpo Theatre, which is considered a cultural and entertainment landmark. This is precisely why a new sound reinforcement system drawn from the catalog of Valencia, Spain -based D.A.S. Audio was recently placed into service.

Ms. Jie Han, Gold Coast Company's Project Manager, discussed the significance of the company's efforts and the reasoning that led to deployment of the new D.A.S. Audio sound system. "As the largest theatre chain in China, the Gold Coast Company operates over 50 theatre productions at its 14 theatres across China. With a total audience volume of over 5 million people per year, this is a very important entertainment property, so it is crucial that our audiences be treated to the very best sound."

With this objective in mind, Hangzhou Chuangda Stage Facilities, the authorized D.A.S. Audio dealer in Zhejiang Province, was contracted to design and install the theatre's new sound system. With logistical assistance from D.A.S. Audio's Hong Kong office, the Dongpo Theatre's new sound system was designed to include loudspeakers from the Aero Series 2 and Artec product groups.

The house mains consist of 16 D.A.S. Aero 12A powered line array elements-flown 8 cabinets per side. An additional 4 Aero 12A loudspeakers are used for front fill. For low frequency support, 4 D.A.S. LX-218A powered subwoofers. Twelve Artec 28 enclosures are provided for surround fills throughout the theatre. A D.A.S. DSP-4080 4 In / 8 Out signal processor handles loudspeaker management responsibilities.

Eduardo Lopez, D.A.S. Audio Hong Kong's Operations Manager, commented on the recent installation, "The Performance Theatre industry in China is very active and relevant, and for D.A.S. Audio to establish a collaboration with one of the leading companies in this sector is a milestone achievement for our speaker systems in this kind of application. Our active line arrays, which are easy to install and set up, do not detract from the grand appearance of the stage, yet they provide outstanding audio performance. The diversity of performances and music played in this theatre match perfectly well with the variety of applications our line arrays are designed to support, so I am confident there is a good future for D.A.S. Audio."

Gold Coast Company management reports they are very pleased with the results. "D.A.S. Audio is a company that exhibits professionalism, honesty, and integrity," notes Ms. Han. "We appreciate their enthusiastic service and support and, of course, the high quality sound of the company's loudspeakers. I sincerely hope Gold Coast and D.A.S. Audio will establish a reliable partnership and, together, further develop the Chinese entertainment market."

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