Fuel Fandango at D.A.S.

Fuel Fandango gears up for their "Trece Lunas" tour at D.A.S. Audio



  D.A.S. Audio’s headquarters in Fuente del Jarro, Valencia, recently played host to the popular Spanish duo Fuel Fandango. The group formed by Nita and Alejandro Acosta has just released their second album, “Trece Lunas”, and used the D.A.S. Audio auditorium to practice for a promotional tour that will take them across Spain and beyond, passing through cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and London to perform songs from the new album live.

Fuel Fandango offers an interesting fusion of jazz, soul, electronic music, funk and flamenco. Following their self-titled debut album the duo has now put out “Trece Lunas”, a 14-song second album with tracks recorded at music studios in Madrid, Cordoba, Tarifa and London. The song “New Life” has been released as the album’s first single.

It’s on the stage where Fuel Fandango feels most at home, and it’s the duo’s focus on live concerts that led them to bring in renowned D.A.S. Audio Aero Series 2 systems for their shows. The company, wanting to go a step further to support the pair’s highly-reviewed and much-anticipated new project, gave Fuel Fandango free reign of the D.A.S. Audio auditorium for the tour’s practice sessions. Ale and Nita, good luck with your second release and non-stop tour schedule!

More information about Fuel Fandango and the “Trece Lunas” tour here.

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