Fluge Levante Seminar

D.A.S. Aero Series 2 Certification for Fluge Levante




D.A.S. Audio recently held a new certification program for companies that use the Aero Series 2 systems as part of its ongoing commitment to provide exceptional service. The program, which aims to strengthen the “D.A.S. Rental Network” through intensive training seminars for system users, was most recently held at Fluge Levante.

The participants attended a number of seminars held over the course of the two-day program, including lectures on Ease Focus 2.5, systems adjustment and measurement with Smart Live, rigging, wiring and connecting amplifier racks, signal processing with the Aero 50 V5.5 preset and a hands-on activity that gave participants the chance to fly the system. 

The first day of seminars were celebrated at the Fluge Levante facilities in collaboration with D.A.S. Audio’s Technical Director Javier Navarro and Systems Engineer Joel Damiano.

The second half of the program was held at D.A.S. Audio, with Joel Damiano on hand once again to teach the seminar. The D.A.S. Aero Series 2 users participated in examples of acoustic simulation and Q&A sessions in addition to the program’s theoretical and practical aspects and installed all the necessary software on their personal computers.

The participants were extremely satisfied with the result of the training and each received a diploma recognizing them as certified users by the D.A.S. Audio Engineering Department.


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