Festival Les Arts 2017

The third edition of the Festival de Les Arts with D.A.S. Audio





The third edition of the Festival de Les Arts was back this year to turn Valencia into the Spanish capital of music. The event was celebrated at Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences complex, a unique venue for its acoustics, convenience and unbeatable atmosphere, the perfect place to showcase an outstanding national and international line-up that included Kakkamadafakka, Fangoria, Sidonei and Iván Ferreiro.

Over 40,000 music and art lovers packed into the venue to see performances on the Les Arts main stage (Heineken) and two smaller stages (Coolway Freestyle and Kaiku). This can’t-miss event on the Spanish festival calendar also featured spaces for food (Foodies Merkat), clothing (Les Arts Design Experience) and even a space with activities for the youngest festival-goers (Poblat Menut).

D.A.S. Audio was again on hand to provide robust sound for this much-anticipated event, designing three curated systems after a thorough analysis of the different stages. The sound team deployed 14 Aero 50 in a classic left-right configuration on the Heineken stage, supplemented by 12 UX 221A in a cardioid configuration on either side, four Aero 20A as side fill, four Convert 15 as front fill, and two sets of eight Aero 40A and two LX-218A to handle the delay. D.A.S. Road 12 and Road 15 served as stage monitors.

The set-up at the Coolway Freestyle stage was no less impressive with two hangs of Aero 50 line array systems, nine LX-218CA on either side, two Convert 15 as front fill and eight Aero 20A as side fill. The Kaiku stage, reserved for up-and-coming groups, was equipped with six Aero 20A and two LX-218A on each side.

 *Photos courtesy of Bikus


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