Festival Les Arts 2015

New Festival de Les Arts in Valencia with D.A.S. systems







The new Festival de Les Arts recently celebrated in Valencia is the latest on the list of must-attend events on the Spanish festival calendar. D.A.S. systems have been a regular fixture at many of these festivals, and were on hand at Les Arts to guarantee superb sound for the festival’s debut, which featured a line-up of national and international bands that included La Habitación Roja, Lori Meyers, Delorean and British group The Wombats.

Over 22,000 festival-goers descended on Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences complex for the event, where three massive stage hosted over 30 performances over the two-day celebration of music and the arts. Sound company Fluge was called in to handle the sound for the festival and teamed up with D.A.S. Audio, setting up a range of systems from D.A.S. Audio’s extensive product catalog on all three stages.

Fluge rolled out 24 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line array systems for the Heineken main stage, which required a robust PA. The Aero 50´s were flown in two hangs of 12 units each on either side of the stage. New D.A.S. UX-221A double 21" powered subwoofers were deployed in two blocks of 9 cabinets under each hang for exceptional low-frequency punch.

Fluge employed D.A.S. Convert series systems for front fill duty, while a combination of Convert systems with LX-218CA subwoofers were employed for side fill. The constant stream of artists that crossed the stage over the festival also had a battery of self-powered D.A.S. Road Series stage monitors at their service. The set-up at the Heineken stage was rounded out by a delay system equipped with the new powered Aero 40A ALAS™ (Advanced Line Array System).

The system deployed at the Negrita stage was no less impressive, with 12 Aero 50s flown on either side of the stage matched by 12 ground-stacked LX-218CA powered subwoofers. Convert systems were used for side fill, while a combination of Convert/ LX-218CA served as front fill. On stage, the artists were backed up by D.A.S. Series Road stage monitors.

The PA at the Coolway stage was based on 16 Aero 40A systems, flown in two eight-cabinet hangs and paired with 12 LX-218CA subwoofers groundstacked in a line in front of the stage. Convert Series systems once again served front fill duties, with a combination of Convert/LX-218CA as side fill and Road Series monitors on-stage.


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