“Festival de Acció Cultural”

The result was highly satisfactory for Simes Audio's


A large outdoor festival organized by Acció Cultural del Pais Valencià recently took place in the city of Valencia. Acció Cultural del Pais Valencià is a Valencia based cultural organization structured within the cities university population. Here as in many of the events that take place in Spain, D.A.S. Aero line array systems were key to the success of the event. Responsible for the technical production was Simes Audio, led by David Ferri, who put together a world-class lighting and sound system to ensure the best performance and consistent coverage over the vast audience area.

Several thousand students gathered at the large open area on the sprawling campus of Valencia's Polytechnic University. Live performances were offered by bands such as "Berri Txarrak", "Aramateix", "Sva-ters", "Pirat's Sound Sistema" and "Rapsodes", the winners of Valencian music competition "Amplifica't". Over 4 hours of music with amazingly different styles provided a truly enjoyable evening.

The performance of the sound system was conclusive, and the positive result was guaranteed by the large deployment of resources. The PA system comprised 20 D.A.S. Aero 38A powered modules, arranged in two 10-unit line formations at each side of the stage, along with 16 D.A.S. Aero 218A 2K powered subwoofer units aligned along the bottom of the stage placed approximately one meter from each other. This layout provides consistent pressure over the audience area and helps prevent pressure lobes.

In order to predict the coverage, over the audience area, a simulation was carried using EASE software. The correct adjustments were calculated in order to widen the coverage of the subwoofers. This was checked against the coverage provided by the Aero 38A line array systems for coherence. Completing the setup, two Aero 28A units were used as a frontfill for the first rows in the audience. A further cluster - made up of 3 Aero 28A powered systems plus two CA-215A subwoofer units - was placed at each side of the stage as a sidefill for the different acts.

The result was highly satisfactory, as Simes Audio's David Ferri explains: "During the sound testing for each of the bands we could see the consistent response and high versatility of the Aero systems for different musical styles. A variety of acts, each with their own technical staff, different requirements based on their specific needs, and the systems always responded effectively, which greatly eases the job of sound engineers".

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