Festival Altavoz 2011

 D.A.S. Aero Systems have been used at Festival Altavoz 2011 held in Medellín (Colombia)


Music enthusiasts of every popular genre had the opportunity to enjoy live performances of their favorite artists at the 8th Festival Altavoz, with D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems. Each year, the event attracts several international performers. Key acts at this year's festival included Mexico's alternative rock band Plastilina Mosh and Latin Grammy Award-winning rockers Molotov, the English punk band The Adicts, as well as Argentina's Bajo Fondo Tango Club.

Held at Medellin's Estadio Cincuentenario, the sound reinforcement system assembled for the roughly 80,000 music fans in attendance was no small undertaking. That's why Medellin-based Hangar Musical-the company contracted to provide sound services- deployed a sizeable loudspeaker setup consisting of models from the catalog of Valencia, Spain-based DAS Audio.

Hangar Musical's Santiago Velez served as technical producer for this year's Festival Altavoz, discussed the challenges of the project. "This year's event occurred on a soccer field that was roughly 295 feet long by 196 feet wide. To ensure the long throw and broad horizontal coverage required for the huge crowds, we deployed a sound system consisting of models from both the Aero and Aero Series 2 product groups as well as the company's Road Series stage monitors."

The stage mains consisted of thirty-two DAS Aero 38A powered line array elements-flown sixteen modules per side at a height of 33 feet. Low frequency support was provided by a combination of twelve Aero 182 arrayable subwoofers-ground stacked six enclosures per side-augmented by yet another twelve DAS LX-218A powered subwoofers (also six enclosures per side).

As a side fill, the Hangar Musical crew flew ten DAS Aero 12A powered line array enclosures, and as a front fill, the crew placed another four Aero 12A's. Rounding out the main setup, a total of ten DAS Audio Road 15A powered stage monitors were deployed.

In addition to the sizeable setup at the stage area, Velez and his crew also erected a delay system. This portion of the setup included four DAS Aero 50 large format line array enclosures per side, which were accompanied by another six Aero 182 subwoofers-three enclosures per side.

The greatest difficulty with a festival like this is the variety of genres the system had to accommodate-not to exclude and requirements of the various artists," Velez reports. "When there is only one artist or one genre, the entire setup and the system tuning is focused specifically on that artist. This is where a flat, well balanced system is essential in order to please everyone. This is precisely why the DAS Audio system was a perfect choice."

"The event was a huge success," Velez added. "The organizers were completely satisfied, the bands were all very happy, and the crowd loved every minute. This year's festival was a big hit for everyone involved."

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