Festival Altavoz 09

80,000 music fans revel to varied musical acts in Medellín 


Music enthusiasts of every popular style had the opportunity to enjoy live performances of their favorite artists at the Festival Altavoz. Each year, Festival Altavoz is sponsored by the Major's Office in Medellin and the event attracts the best musical acts from throughout the region as well as a few international performers. Key acts at this fall's festival included Germany's Kreator, Exodus (from the United States), as well as Colombia's own La Pestilencia. For a crowd of roughly 80,000 people, the sound reinforcement system had to be a solid performer. That's why Medellin-based Grupo HANGAR-the firm contracted to produce the concert and provide sound- deployed a sizeable loudspeaker setup consisting of components from the D.A.S. Audio catalog.

Grupo HANGAR provides a wide variety of services for the special events market, including project assessment, sound, lighting, and video systems. Alvaro Alzate, General Manager for Grupo HANGAR, discussed the nature of the event."As in the previous five years, Festival Altavoz was a free outdoor rock music concert that featured different musical genres on each of its three days," explained Alzate. "The performers were chosen by a panel of judges that had previously observed their performances, so all these bands are all solid acts. The festival ran twelve hours each day and, during that time, the crowd was treated to a little bit of everything, including reggae, ska-punk, electronic, hip hop, rock, and metal."

This year's event occurred on a soccer field that was roughly 70 meters by 100 meters in size. To ensure the long throw and broad horizontal coverage required for the huge crowds, the Grupo HANGAR crew deployed twenty-eight D.A.S. Audio Aero 38A self-powered, 3-way line array elements-fourteen modules per side- suspended from scaffolds as the main mid-high PA setup. Low frequency support was provided by sixteen D.A.S. Audio LX218 high performance subwoofers (positioned eight per side) driven by Lab Gruppen power amplifiers. Eight D.A.S. Aero 12A self-powered, 2-way, mid high line array elements-four per side-were flown on Genie lifts to reinforce sound dispersion at the extreme sides of the setup. The Aero 12A and LX218 enclosures are members of D.A.S. Audio's recently introduced Aero Series 2 line.

Stage monitoring was handled by twelve D.A.S. Audio SML-15A self-powered, 2-way stage monitors. For sidefills, two systems, each consisting of four Aero 12A line array elements and two Aero 182A powered, arrayable subwoofers, were hung from the stage roof."This was a huge setup," Alzate said. "In addition to all this, we also had two FOH reinforcement speaker arrays with four Aero 50 3-way line array enclosures and four Aero 182A subwoofers per side. This system was positioned 35 meters from the stage.

With Festival Altavoz now in the rear view mirror, Alzate offered the following thoughts. "By using a system that was primarily self-powered," said Alzate, "we didn't have to carry all those heavy amp racks. That made transporting the gear easier and it also streamlined setup. With their exceptional performance, solid build quality, great pricing, and excellent customer support, our D.A.S. loudspeaker equipment provides solid ROI (return on investment). For every project, we have three bosses: the client, the performers, and the audience. After all was said and done, all three gave us a big thumbs up!"

Photos courtesy of Andrés Raigosa-Festival Altavoz 2009-Telemedellín

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