Ferrari Dealership Qatar

The 700 square meters dealership are located in "The Pearl of Qatar" in Doha


The iconic Ferrari and Maserati sports cars are admired the world over, and the opulence of the Persian Gulf provides the perfect backdrop for brands of such luxury and sophistication. "The Pearl", an exclusive island located off the coast of Qatar's capital city of Doha, is home to the prestigious Italian vehicles dealership run by Alfardán Sports Motor Co., where D.A.S. sound systems have been installed.

The local company in charge of the sound work, Almana Network, headed by Deon Cains, recommended the convenience of the compact and efficient D.A.S. Audio Ceiling systems for the elite 700 m2 dealership. These discrete systems have been seamlessly integrated into the exposition's décor.

A dozen D.A.S. Ceiling CL-6T six-inch white ceiling loudspeakers, equipped with line transformers, provide a wide sound field with excellent medium and high frequency reproduction, which results in an incredibly intelligible sound transmission and optimal acoustic dispersion during music playback.

Almana Network Solutions also opted to install the dependable D.A.S. CSA-T amplifiers; specially designed to power 70 and 100 volt distributed audio systems, in installations like the dealership these amplifiers are the perfect complement to the D.A.S. Ceiling systems.

The prestige of the brands sold at the dealership and the demand for luxury vehicles in Qatar has been so high that the Alfardán Sports Motor Co. has had the honour of becoming the dealership that has sold the greatest number of these luxury cars per capita worldwide. Undoubtedly a first-class installation on a global level, the D.A.S. sound systems perfectly complement the dealership's high level of quality.

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