Felipe VI Complex Lorca

Felipe Vi Sports Complex in Lorca equipped with D.A.S. systems




The newly remodeled and renamed Felipe VI Sports Complex in the town of Lorca has been fitted out with a range of D.A.S. professional sound systems. The complex, called the Complejo Europa before it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in May 2011, recently reopened its doors after four years of extensive reconstruction and remodeling. The new complex features a host of new facilities, including fitness and high intensity training rooms and a new cafeteria.Local company Sotroni, with José María Martínez at the helm, was contracted to handle the supply and installation of various sound systems throughout the sports complex. Sotroni technician Luis Pozas led the technical work and decided to bring in D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems for the project. An extensive product range, combined with almost endless versatility in any type of space, makes D.A.S. Audio the perfect solution for venues that require sound across different areas.

The covered arena is the complex’s crowning glory and requires powerful sound to ensure coverage for every seat in the house. The Sotroni team brought in 15 multipurpose powered D.A.S. Avant 15A systems, hanging them in five clusters of three units each, angled to provide full sound coverage for both bleachers as well as the central court. This rigging configuration means that two sets of Avant 15A throw into the bleachers and a third, rigged opposite the others, ensures sound for the court. The system is controlled and managed by a D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital signal processor.

The remodel of the sports complex included a new zone for spinning, where the technicians decided to use D.A.S. RF-12.64 systems, which provide robust sound to motivate and help spinners “follow the beat” during their workouts. A total of four RF-12.34 systems were installed to ensure suburb sound throughout this area.

The multipurpose room was also revamped with D.A.S. systems. Given the size of the room, the technicians decided to bring in a total of 12 D.A.S. Artec 508. These systems, which feature a discreet design that blends perfectly with the room, receive their corresponding signal amplification via D.A.S. PS Series power amplifiers, specifically the PS-1400 and PS-800 models.

To round out the small army of D.A.S. Audio systems deployed at the Felipe VI Sports Complex in Lorca the Sotroni team installed 200 D.A.S. Ceiling speakers throughout the entrances, hallways and locker rooms. A total of 150 CL-6T and 50 CL-8T speakers, which integrate seamlessly with the complex’s design, handle PA and background music duties.


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