Factory of the Stars

The show is live broadcasted on the first channel of Russian television


The Spanish show "Operación Triunfo" has become a complete social phenomenon in Spain. Similar in concept to "American Idol", shows of this type have crossed the borders of Europe, Russia, the Arab countries, and Latin America. Eleven other countries have put together their own local versions, receiving different names in each country: "Fama" in Brasil, "Fame Academy in the UK, "Star Academy" in France and the Arab countries, "Fame Store" in Greece, "Operazione Trionfo" in Italy, "Operacao Triunfo" in Portugal, "Operación Triunfo" in Chile, Mexico and Argentina, and "Factory of the Stars" in Russia ("Fabrika Zvezd" in Russian).

In the "good-bye" concert of Russian edition, D.A.S. Audio has contributed with an Aero line array system. The concert took place at the Olimpiski Stadium in Prospekt Mira with an attendance of well over 25,000 people. Roberto Giner, D.A.S. Audio Marketing Director, and Ignacio Chuliá, Sales Representative for Europe, together with Vladimir Starojilov and Vladimir Samuskevich, from the firm "Bossman Ltd" - D.A.S. distributor for Russia, witnessed not only the breathtaking closing concert of the show, but also the performance achieved by the 32 Aero 38A line array systems, 16 of them flown at 10 meters from the ground, at each side of the stage. Low frequency reproducton was handled by 8 ST-218 for bass frequency per side. The firm in charge of the sound, lightning and event production was "Genezis Sound Rental Company," under the direction of Andrei Kulikov, with more than 14 years of professional experience in the field.

On stage, the sound system was completed by a total of two Compact-115 devices over 2 CA-215A modules as sidefill, as well as eight D.A.S. stage monitor systems. As Vladimir Starojilov states: "The concert was spectacular, and we must congratulate both, the firm 'Genezis Sound Rental Company' for the event organization and Sergei Goncharov, board engineer for his skills ."

"Factory of the Stars" ("Fabrika Zvezd" in Russian) is now at its third season being a great success in the television channel ORT. and it's watched by a massive audience. The young people featuring the show have conquered the hearts of millions of spectators thanks to their artistic abilities and friendliness. We are talking about nowadays most popular phenomenon of Russian television, which has become a hegemonic icon in the entertainment industry.

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