Factor for Mini Coper

For this task, 'Co Auvisa" went with D.A.S. Audio's Factor series


Yet another example of the numerous applications and versatility of D.A.S. Audio's Factor series speakers can be seen at the Cayma BMW automobile dealer located in Mataró, Barcelona. Sound reinforcement and audio systems installation company "Co Auvisa" was hired to outfit the dealer's facilities with a top-of-the-line sound system.

' Factor 8 speakers for the area dedicated to the exhibition and sale of the Mini Cooper automobile line, creating a warm musical ambience and providing absolute sound clarity and intelligibility. The Factor series speakers' design has allowed for a seamless integration with the dealer's modern decor. As with every well-designed commercial space, the dealer's audio system is an integral part of its commercial ambience along with the illumination, light fixtures, furniture and decoration.

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