Factor for Fashion Shop Digitty

Principe Pio mall is located in the heart of Madrid city


Another great example of the numerous installations that can be undertaken with the Factor series of products can be found in "Digitty". The recently inaugurated fashion shop located in Madrid's Principe Pio mall was installed by "Himesa Profesional S.L." . Located on three floors, 111 shops, restaurants, a multiplex cinema and ample parking, have been located in the heart of Madrid city.

"Himesa" chose to install six Factor 5 two-way systems to provide Digitty with a high quality, high level sound appropriate of shops marketing to adolescents. Their design makes the Factor systems easy to install and thanks to the white color option, they blend with the shops modern décor. Along with the lighting, color and furnishings, they are an essential part of the complete design.

Businesses in Spain and around the world are seeing sound as a key element in the creation of a business atmosphere. Good sound offers a better image of the business, provides clients with an enjoyable experience and foments return visits improving competitiveness. D.A.S. systems are part of the new wave were success is guaranteed.

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