Exit/In Selects D.A.S.

Variant systems for one of Nashville's most famous clubs


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For more than thirty years, the Exit/In has served as Nashville's premiere live music venue. As a cultural landmark in Music City, the Exit/In is the place where generations of music enthusiasts have shared many of life's experiences. The legendary venue recently upgraded their sound reinforcement system. Nashville, TN-based A Production Company, LLC, a special events firm that focuses on concert production of all sizes, was contracted to handle the logistics of designing and implementing the new sound system. Howard Bennett, A Production Company's owner and chief engineer, discussed the project's requirements.

"The Exit/In plays host to a wide range of musical performers-everything from Bluegrass to Heavy Metal," explained Bennett. "For this reason, it was critical that the new sound reinforcement system have the ability to handle any music style competently. As the room can accommodate upwards of roughly 500 people, solid vertical throw and wide horizontal dispersion were critical considerations for the new system. Of equal importance, the club's owner wanted a sound system to fit the room's limited space and that blended seamlessly into its visual aesthetic. Ultimately, we determined that the D.A.S. Audio Variant Series installation line array system was the best fit."

With the decision made to deploy the D.A.S. Variant system, Bennett penned a setup consisting of eight D.A.S. Audio Variant 25A line array elements-flown four per side in a left-right configuration over the stage at a height of 14 feet. Low frequency support for the Exit/In's new system comes from four D.A.S. Audio Variant 18A subwoofers-residing in pairs on both sides of the stage in the recessed areas where the stage front protrudes into the room. Stage monitoring is provided by eight D.A.S. Audio SML-12A floor monitors that can be freely positioned by the performers as required.

The new system was deployed in late April 2009 and was immediately placed into service. Reflecting on the project, Bennett offered high praise of both the D.A.S. Audio system and the company's customer/technical support services. "The quality and SPL that you get from any of the D.A.S. Variant or stage monitors is unsurpassed," says Bennett. "They are also the most cost effective enclosures in their class. My client couldn't be happier, the audio quality in the room is unbelievable, and he has a larger stage space for the bands to perform. Equally important, D.A.S. customer and technical support is great. Anytime I have a question or an issue, they respond promptly. I never have to worry about a show stopping issue with D.A.S."

Text by R. Maxwell

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