Exclusive Brazilian Fitness Center

Decomac was responsible for the design and installation of the D.A.S. sound systems


In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, the exclusive fitness center Oxigeneo opened it's doors. The modern installation offers the latest in computerized fitness apparatus to more than 400 members. The new two-floor venue comprises a heated swimming pool and numerous spaces for aerobics, spinning and other health oriented activities. The D.A.S. distributor for Brazil "Decomac" was responsible for the design and installation of the D.A.S. sound systems.

To provide the right atmosphere as well as provide a means of transmitting a clear message throughout the public areas, Decomac chose D.A.S. CL-8 ceiling speakers in the walkways. The CL-8 is an 8" two-way loudspeaker system ideal for use in areas where wall mounted units are not suitable. In the dressing rooms, the CL-5 model was chosen for it's excellent wide dispersion characteristics.In the pool area, "Decomac" opted to install six Factor 5 systems. These versatile, high quality systems are well suited for use in atmospheres with a high degree of humidity thanks to their polypropylene cones and rubber surrounds. Pools, showers and steam rooms are typical examples where Factor 5 systems have been used.

Guillermo Distéfano, director of Decomac states, "Besides the fact that these systems are very compact, they hold up extremely well in damp areas, so we installed them in the pool".The fitness area where the different machines are located is divided into two areas. In one area Factor 5 units have been installed and in another, CL-8 speakers have been used due to the fact that the ceiling height is substantially lower. "With the installation we have done in this center,-states Distéfano-we have changed the concept of how a place like this should sound. With this high quality, predominant sound, the atmosphere has changed from "relax" to "action and rhythm", which is more appropriate of a modern fitness center. Here the clientele is predominantly young upper-class adults, accustomed to the high level sound of the discos.

The sound here had to be as good."With this philosophy in mind, "Decomac" installed in the first floor gym a three-way system using Dynamics series DS-15's and Sub-18 for extra low-end punch. Run through D.A.S. electronics and a CT-1 processor, a wireless mic provides the instructor with mobility and a high-power system for dance and aerobic exercises. The spinning room with 30 bikes is brought to life by bi-amped DS-12 / Sub-18 columns because according to Distéfano, "High-power systems were needed here as well".

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