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D.A.S. Audio at the India's Enchanted Valley Carnival with SNL Pro





Multiple stages, over 60 artists, one massive campground and a range of activities, sports, food and drink: India’s recent Enchanted Valley Carnival was a unique blend of music and adventure that brought together international performers and homegrown talent in one spectacular event. The picturesque venue in Pune’s Aamby Valley City became the headquarters for top-of-the-line sound, jaw-dropping lights and visuals and a host of activities, complete with an eclectic line-up of artists and crystal-clear sound by D.A.S. Audio professional systems.

Event organizers Twisted Entertainment called in Mumbai-based company Sound & Light Professionals to design and install the sound solution for the EVC. The team was faced with the unique challenge of ensuring powerful yet clear sound for the fans at the Main and Trance stages, which faced each other at right angles. After studying the venue’s particular set-up SNL Pro opted to design a sound system based on D.A.S. Aero 50 line array systems on all three stages.

Sixteen of these powered line arrays were rolled out on the Main stage, flown in two groups on opposite sides of the stage. These systems were augmented by 12 D.A.S. LX-218 high-performance subwoofers; alongside the Aero 50s these subs are perfect for dance music, providing powerful bass, warm mids and crisp highs. The “down in front” fans were guaranteed clear sound with six D.A.S. Aero 12A two-way line arrays, and  D.A.S. Avant 12A s were matched with another pair of LX-218 subs for the DJ booth.

The set-up at the Trance/Techno stage was similar: 12 D.A.S. Aero 50s line arrays were flown and thumping bass was provided by 12 D.A.S. LX-218 subwoofers. Two Aero 12As handled center full duties while another eight Aero 12As combined with two LX-218 subs were brought in for DJ fills. The same PA and amplifier configuration was used on the wider Live stage but with the addition of two extra Aero 12As for center fill to guarantee coverage for the entire audience area.

The SNL Pro team performed extensive soundchecks before the festival, changing parameters to limit the unwanted crossover of audio between the venues. The Aero 50s’s short, medium and long throw options make it possible to adapt individual boxes within the arrays to limit how far sound  travels. The arrays were also angled away from each other and the PA lowered even further to focus the sound onto each of the individual audience areas.

Good communication between the SNL Pro engineers and constructive feedback from Twisted Entertainment overcame the challenges presented by the Enchanted Valley Carnival. The solution based on D.A.S. Audio products maximized the listening experience for festival goers and the energetic response from the crowd on the dance floor combined with the electrifying atmosphere over the three-day festival was proof that the right audio choices had been made.

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