Eristoff Festival India

D.A.S. systems and SNL Pro at Eristoff Invasion Festival in India


At Amanora Park Town, the second installment of this year's Eristoff Invasion Festival took place with one the world's foremost music makers, DJ David Guetta, as the show's headlining act. With chart-topping hits like Love Takes Over, Gettin' Over You, and Sexy Bitch,, Guetta's music had the festival's capacity crowds celebrating in a big way. Guetta's pulsating sounds projected over the audience from an impressive sound reinforcement system comprised of loudspeakers from the Aero and Aero Series 2 products.

Sound & Light Professionals (SNL Pro) of Mumbai, a major provider of sound reinforcement systems, was contracted to provide the sound system for the event. After consulting with festival organizers Only Much Louder, in partnership with UKNY Music (a leading UK-based music and events company), the decision was made to deploy D.A.S. Audio Aero 50 large format, line array loudspeakers, Aero 218 Sub enclosures, along with Aero 12A powered line array elements. 

D.A.S. Audio Systems Engineer, Ron Koh, served as a consultant on the project and helped coordinate the logistics of the sound system along with the core crew of SNL Pro. Ultimately, the setup for the house mains consisted of 24 Aero 50 enclosures—flown 12 elements per cluster for the left/right sides. An additional three D.A.S. Audio Aero 12A powered line array elements were ground stacked up front. These loudspeakers served in a front fill capacity to ensure audience members up close to the stage received proper coverage. 

Low frequency support was provided by a whopping 28 Aero 218 Sub enclosures. These high performance subwoofers employ a front-loaded, bass-reflex configuration that houses two 18-inch low frequency transducers. These sub bass enclosures were ground stacked—14 cabinets per side. In addition to the primary sound system setup, an additional 12 Aero 50 line array elements were configured as a delay system. Six Aero 50 loudspeakers were placed for both the left and right delay clusters. 

Hassane Es Siahi, an audio engineer with Adlib Sound, Light, and Visual Solutions of Liverpool, England, served as the FOH system operator for David Guetta. Manning a Digidesign Venue SC48 mixing console, Siahi reports that the system performed wonderfully and provided excellent coverage throughout the 80 meter length of the audience area. The sound pressure level at FOH (35 meters from the stage) was reported at 108 dB(A) Peak. “This is the best D.A.S. System I have heard and you can quote me on that,” Siahi said.


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