Electrosanne 2.014

D.A.S. Audio helps close out the Summer at Electrosanne





  For the ninth year running the Swiss city of Lausanne marked the end of summer with Electrosanne, an electronic music celebration featuring a lineup of over 80 local and international acts. The venues selected for the event included outdoor stages set up in Place de l'Europe and Place Centrale, where superb sound from D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems kept festival-goers dancing non-stop over the four-day festival. With attendance topping 40,000, Electrosanne has quickly become Lausanne's ultimate end-of-summer event and the jewel of the country’s small-but-impressive festival scene.

What makes Electrosanne stand out from the crowd is a program that covers all electronic music styles, from deep house and dubstep to techno and disco. It is precisely this broad range that posed a challenge for sound technicians from Z-Audio, an audio and lighting distributor who has partnered with Electrosanne since 2007. Z-Audio needed a rugged yet reliable system that could handle the stream of different acts that crossed both outdoor stages, and knew from years past that systems from D.A.S. Audio’s catalogue of products would be the perfect fit. The Z-Audio technicians worked closely with the Spanish manufacturer on the sound design and installation, with D.A.S. Systems Engineer Joel Damiano flying in to lend a hand.

The technicians designed different set-ups for each outdoor stage, opting for the latest generation Aero 40A (Advanced Line Array System ALAS™) systems for the FOH at the Main Stage in Place de l’Europe. These three-way line arrays provide remote monitoring and control via the DASnet™ audio management system and are the ideal solution for events like Electrosanne, which feature an extensive lineup of artists. Ten Aero 40As were rigged in two linear hangs and matched with eight LX-218CA subwoofers for a powerful low frequency punch. To round out the system four Aero 8A ultra-compact line array modules were ground stacked in front of the stage to ensure exceptional sound quality for the down-in-front fans.

Z-Audio brought in units from D.A.S. Audio’s new Event Series for the nearby Red Bull Stage in Place Centrale. Eight Event 210A, a powered and robust three-way system, were flown on either side of the stage and matched with four high-performance Event 218A subwoofers. Front fill was once again handled by four Aero 8A line arrays and the combined response of these systems provided massive sound and full coverage for the entire audience area.

D.A.S. Audio systems, specifically four Artec 510, were also rigged in the Red Bull Bar. These units, designed with a 10” speaker, guaranteed that none of the festival-goers missed out on the music while taking a break from dancing.

The Z-Audio technicians have tweaked the systems over the years, comparing the audio from previous Electrosanne festivals and making the necessary adjustments to ensure flawless sound year after year. The technicians were impressed by the quality and performance of the Aero 40A and Event line arrays, with even Gallien Isoz, Electrosanne director, weighing in on the “powerful, precise and clear sound”.

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