Electric Love 2015

D.A.S. professional sound systems at the Electric Love Festival 2015 in Austria





The third annual Electric Love festival was recently celebrated at the Salzburgring race track, located just outside the city of Salzburg, Austria. Showcasing the best in electronic music, this year’s festival was complete with D.A.S. professional sound systems as an integral part of the sound equipment at one of the festival’s most popular stages, the Club Circus. The Festival brought together more than 30,000 spectators a day to enjoy the performances and sessions by top international DJs, headlined by the world-renowned Armin Van Buuren.

Sound company Lichttonvideo, with Markus Schwenter at the helm, was called in to handle the sound for the festival. The hard-hitting performances that took to the Club Circus stage required an equally powerful sound system to guarantee flawless sound, and after studying the stage’s particular requirements the sound technicians designed a solution based on D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems. D.A.S. distributor in Austria K24 Technik, led by Johannes Stummer, as well as D.A.S. Audio Sound Engineer Joel Damiano, were also on hand to help with the system set up and adjustment.

A total of 24 large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line arrays were rolled out for the main PA at the Club Circus stage, flown in two hangs of 12 units each in a classic left-right configuration. A no less impressive arsenal of 18 D.A.S. LX-218CA subwoofers were deployed and combined with six ultra-low-frequency UX-221A subwoofers to ensure superb low-frequency support.

The D.A.S. gear used at the Club Circus stage was rounded out by a range of systems from the company’s Event Line Array series. The technicians employed Event 210A systems for front fill and rigged two lateral formations of four 210A Event line arrays stacked on Event 218A subwoofers for the DJs. The combined response of the D.A.S. systems provided full sound pressure and coverage for the entire 60-meter by 40-meter audience area as well as the stage itself.

In just three years the Electric Love Festival has earned a reputation as one of the biggest electronic music events in Europe. The five outdoor stages set up across the Salzburgring race track welcomed four full days of performances that brought together young and old electronic music lovers from across Europe, with D.A.S. systems joining the party to provide phenomenal sound for fans and artists alike.


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