Ebi Concert in Hamburg

 D.A.S. Aero Series 2 professional sound systems have been in Hamburg with Ebi


As one of the top three Persian stars in the world, it is a real treat for the German Persian community when USA-based musician Ebi performs: more than 2,500 concert-goers jumped at the chance to see the performer in Hamburg's CCH venue. Soundart - in the audio business since the mid-1980s - deals exclusively with the technical details of Ebi's European performances. Operating from Bochum in western Germany, Soundart has enjoyed an outstanding reputation in the Persian music world for years now.

Benjamin Hartmann of Soundart decided to use the D.A.S. Audio Aero 2 Series Aero 12A for the first time at Ebi's Hamburg concert. The Aero 12A is the series' mid-level model and is the Spanish company's solution for mid-size uses. "In combination with the large Aero 50I can definitely picture using the Aero 12A for outfill. As nearfill I simply lay them on the stage edge.", mentions Hartmann.

Soundart provided the sound for the Ebi concert using a classic left-right combination of eight Aero 12A tops on each side, controlled by the D.A.S. Audio DSP-2060A system controller. For Hartmann, "The active array can be set up in no time at all. We do not have to worry about the amps or think about cable lengths or gauges. The system can be wired very quickly; up to 4 elements can be operated from a 230 V connection by simply looping them through using PowerCon connectors."

Regarding the rigging, Hartmann claims, "The rigging is built in to each element and can be easily and quickly accessed by the user. This significantly cuts down on set-up times, and the system for Ebi's Hamburg concert was up and running in just 30 minutes. An amazed in-house sound technician exclaimed, "Man, you're quick setting up. It usually takes much longer...." The active structure meant that the setup of the three LX-218CA subwoofers (2 x 18") was also completed very quickly."

Soundart checked the system during setup to ascertain the curving. The subwoofers were configured in a cardioid formation and the system was calibrated using a condenser microphone and software.

"You can really put the system through its paces, by which I mean play much louder, without having to worry. It's a loud PA. The Aero 12A broadcasts all the frequencies and the transition from the high to mid-range is perfectly modulated with no need to add further components. We decided to limit the tops to around 120 Hz using the system controller. We do this for all tops with 12" drivers. The D.A.S. LX-218CA is ideal for expanding the subwoofer provision and can be combined perfectly with the system."

"The system sound is very neutral," says Hartmann, "which is very important. It enabled us to provide the optimum sound for this very dynamic show with a live band and DJ setup. I am familiar with a lot of systems and the Aero 2 is a system to be taken seriously. We are going to have a closer look at this product family."

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