EASE Focus 3

New EASE Focus version 3 with GLL files for D.A.S. products




After two years of development and extensive Beta testing, EASE Focus version 3 developed by AFMG has been released and is available for download on the D.A.S. website. EASE Focus 3 implements long-awaited features, one of which is of highest practical relevance: modeling of subwoofer arrays. Users can now define and optimize any subwoofer arrangement and automatically compute the needed delays. The new complex summation feature even allows analyzing the interaction between flown tops and subs on the ground along with many more new and helpful features.

While EASE Focus 3 continues to offer the proven look and feel of its predecessor version 2, the range of new features is considerable. Most notably, moving and stacking of loudspeakers was made much easier by a new snap function, the polar entry feature provides the option to insert venue coordinates directly as read from laser distance meters, and performance improvements throughout the program make it possible to simulate up to 40 sound sources in a single project.

Beyond  the obvious features that make the new version valuable for all users and licensees, internally EASE Focus 3 is prepared for future extension. Built-in is a communication interface for data transfer to DSP platforms, a plug-in architecture for rigging safety calculations, and a robust multi-threading calculation engine lays the foundation for managing large-scale projects and FIRmaker optimizations quickly and smoothly.

Most importantly, the new version is free to all users. To download the EASE Focus 3 with GLL files for D.A.S. products included, click on the link below

Download EASE Focus version 3


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