Dynamics for Schifferstadt Church

The worship center measures 320 square meters


The sound installation company "G+M" based in Heppenheim Germany, recently completed the installation of D.A.S. sound systems for the Saint Jacob's Church in the city of Schifferstadt. The worship center measures 320 square meters of which 300 are destined to the main sanctuary and the remaining are comprised of halls and a conference room.

The option chosen was to provide for independent zones with the largest zone incorporating the main sanctuary. Here the new powered Dynamics series DS-115A's were used with two DS-108A's providing a delay systems located 12 meters from the main system. For paging and background music, flush mounted D.A.S. CL series ceiling speakers were used in hallways and the conference room.

"One of the biggest challenges", mentions Lothar Weimann from ProAudio Marketing GmbH, "was the poor acoustics of the venue with a lot of reverberation. We used an A+H DSP Audio Matrix iDR8 to manage the systems and provide feedback control." Built in the 70's, the Saint Jacob's Church incorporates a lot of glass, wood and metal making the interior highly reflective.

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