Drôme Lounge Bar

Valencia's Drôme Lounge Bar relies on D.A.S. professional sound systems






Valencia’s new Drôme Lounge Bar, a modern venue which has quickly become one of the most popular lounge bars in the city, was recently fitted out with a range of D.A.S. Audio professional sound systems. A combination of Mediterranean Asian fusion and a stellar line-up of entertainment has earned Drôme Lounge Bar the reputation as one of the can’t-miss hotspots on the Valencian nightlife scene.

In a question of months Drôme has earned a name for itself as one of the most popular spots in the city, known for its excellent combination of mouth-watering food, refreshing cocktails and the city’s best music. The Drôme Lounge Bar owners, who own a number of other venues, wanted to give their newest nightspot a distinctly musical character and called in local company Telesonic Valencia to design, supply and install a powerful sound system.

The Telesonic Valencia technicians, with Francisco Planells at the helm, studied the specific features of the venue’s shape and size and recommended the use of the reliable D.A.S. Artec 500 professional sound systems.

These systems have been designed to provide a wide frequency response and high sound pressure level; compact and with an extensive range of mounting accessories the Artec Series can be installed in walls, ceilings or columns with minimal visual impact.

After studying the venue’s requirements the sound technicians opted to install a total of 11 powered D.A.S. Artec 526A systems and four powered Artec 510A. The Artec 526As, which are equipped with a dual 6” speaker, were distributed throughout the main floor of the restaurant to provide background music for diners.

The four more powerful Artec 510As, designed with a 10” speaker, provide impeccable sound in the area where Drôme’s clientele can wear their feet out on the dance floor at Drôme’s DJ night sessions.

Only one additional element is required to round out this fully-powered system: the D.A.S. DSP-2060A digital signal processor, which handles the management and control of the entire system.

Drôme Lounge Bar has managed to seamlessly combine the range of services it provides to its clientele; the venue is at once a restaurant that boasts an extensive menu of specialties, the perfect place to kick back and have a cocktail and a night club where guests can dance the night away with friends.

Drôme’s house DJs pack the dance floor each weekend, sharing the spotlight with the venue’s popular flashback parties, and the superb, reliable sound of the D.A.S. professional sound systems have made Drôme Lounge Bar an instant favorite.

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