Dresdner Jazztage

D.A.S.  professional sound systems at Funk & Soul night of Dresdner Jazztage


The 2011 Funk & Soul Night was the hottest night of the fourth session "Dresdner Jazztage (Dresden Jazz Days)", regarded as an international festival and is widely renowned for its diversity and range of first-class Jazz. The band "Mo' Blow", originally from Liverpool, took the stage to impress audiences with their rousing and unique mix of half-jazz and half-funk.

Headlining for the evening, and for the first time in Dresden, was George Duke, an inspiration for generations of keyboard players across the world. Duke played his way through the A to Zs of hits, from Julian "Cannonball" Adderley, through Michael Jackson, to Frank Zappa.

The location was the covered terrace at Dresden Airport's Terminal 1. With the stage set up in the middle, sound needed to be broadcast on three sides. Gunter Brendel of betaSound Dresden chose the D.A.S. Audio's Aero System. "It's an all-purpose tool which we trust completely. We can use it for rock'n'roll or for more delicate jobs. The system is just the right size for us. With three to fourtops we can do small jobs, with up to 12 we can do open-air. Despite being used a lot, we have had no problems to date".

The main system (L/R) consisted of 4 CA-28A units on each side. Two units each on both left and right sides were enough for out-fill. For near-fill, betaSound used a D.A.S. compact full range system. "The D.A.S. high frequency drivers are very efficient and give "crystal-clear" sound. I find this handy. I prefer to remove something if I don't need it for a certain job than be forced to upgrade it which ends up overloading or damaging the driver" say Brendel.

"We like working with a subwoofer array. Therefore we used 10 subwoofers at the front. We mixed 18" (LX-218A) and 15" (CA-215A) subwoofers. We have had good experience with this set up and with it we get very even coverage and so we can be very flexible." The steel construction of the roof caused problems with resonant frequency - this required a very fine touch when adjusting the system controls.

"We're into rock'n'roll ourselves and were able to show that we can do other things. Jazz fans are sometimes very demanding and we got some very good feedback," Brendel was happy to say. "The organisers were also just as happy. We kept to both budget and assembly time, which unfortunately isn't always so straightforward".

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