Dortmund Supercross

D.A.S. professional sound systems at Westfalenhallen in Dortmund with ADAC Supercross


The Westfalenhallen in Dortmund boasts a well-earned reputation as a multi-purpose exhibition hall. It is the venue of choice for all major German and international events. In early 2012 die-hard motocross fans from across the world descended on the Westfalen Hallen for the 29th time, to see the Who's Who in the global motorcross scene come together as teams from around the world took part in a variety of different categories and races.

Venue specifications as well as the direction of action meant that centrally positioned LED screens were essential, and the live event was broadcast onto the huge LED screens which hung in the center of the venue to bring the experience and performance of the leading drivers even closer to the more than 28,000 spectators. Music clips, advertisements, statements, progress reports, greetings and awards ceremonies were recorded and broadcasted to every seat in the hall, and every spectator seated around the perimeter of the venue could see at least one full unobstructed LED screen.

The execution of the event was made by the company Lasertec Showlaser GmbH, Bochum, which has been a longtime partner of ADAC and again this year was trusted to be responsible to deliver light and sound. The sound system concept posed a specific challenge, but it was tackled in a sublime way by Lasertec in close collaboration with D.A.S. Audio. The challenge was on one side the oval ground plan of the hall together with the coverage of the different seat sections and under the balconies. As well as the extremely high volume of 10 motocross bikes and the ambience noise of 28.000 spectators. The audience needed a perfect view on the LED screens, which limited the possible positions of the line arrays in the hall.

To ensure the maximum speech intelligibility and music quality, it became a 360 degree sound system solution.The design of the sound system was made by Lars Schnier, D.A.S. Audio System Engineer in Germany. He decided to use Aero 50 (a total of 24 cabinets) for the long axe of the hall and for the shorter distance 16 x Aero 12A, and 16 x Aero-CA28A cabinets.

It was from the center of the hall difficult to reach the seats under the balcony. To cover that the choice felt to use 24 x Variant 25A cabinets installed under the balconies. The Aero 50 were fixed in 4 arrays on the 45 º axis of the LED walls and the smaller systems in 4 arrays of the other sides of each LED walls. In total 8 arrays. This way the best visibility was ensured for the audience. The installation of the systems was performed by the D.A.S. Audio Rental Network partners Soundart GmbH & Co. KG, Bochum and HWS Veranstaltungstechnik, Bönen.

The Aero 50 is equipped with two 15 "woofer, four 8" midrange and two 1.5 "compression drivers. The 1.5 "drivers are mounted on a waveguide horn together with the four 8-inch midrange drivers. The passive Aero50's were powered by Lab.gruppen FP10000Q amplifier racks including one Lake LM26 in each rack.

Combining 16 x Aero CA-28A and 16 x Aero 12A was done because of demo purposes for many invited VIP guest. The CA-28A contains a two 8 inch speakers and a 1.5 "compression driver on a wave guide horn. The waveguide is placed next to the two midrange drivers that are angled to each other. The systems are powered by a built-in dual-channel power amplifier with an integrated DSP which all form a compact mid / high line array unit.

The Aero 12A is the newest product from the line array range of D.A.S. Audio. This very compact system is equipped with one 12 "woofer and a 1.5" compression driver on wave guide horn. Compared to the Aero CA-28 the Aero 12A is a powerful 12-inch speaker which is a true full-range system down to a frequency of 60 Hz. Powered by a built in two-channel amplifier with also built-in D.A.S. DSP.

The Variant 25A is from the installation portfolio of D.A.S Audio. Variant 25A also has an integrated power amplifier together with two 5 inch speakers and a 1-inch compression driver, installed on a waveguide. It is a small mid / high speaker, that was integrated perfectly into the overall concept of the sound.

The signal distribution was implemented with three D.A.S. DSP-4080 processor, which is a OEM product from XTA. They were combined with the NLB60 from Lab.gruppen and Lake LM26 controllers. All integrated in the entire network so the overall system could be monitored and controlled via a wireless connection throughout the hall. The calibration was afterwards also done by Schnier.

The result of planning, measuring, and calibrating the system, gave a maximum acoustic coverage of all visitors and at the same time a clear view to the LED walls. The concept proved for the organizer, critical in-house technicians and invited VIP guests to be a coherent sound system.

All listeners were surprised by the performance of the Aero 50, that performed a surprisingly low-frequency together with an outstanding music and speech intelligibility. It was all made by 24 x Aero 50, 16 x Aero 28CA and 16 x Aero 12A that continuously delivered convincing performance being up against racing bikes and the 28.000 spectators ambient noise. D.A.S. Audio in cooperation with the D.A.S. Germany Rental Network partners Soundart GmbH and HWS Veranstaltungstechnik, succeed a difficult PA challenge event that impressed Lars Schnier, critics and the organizer - ADAC.

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