Design and Innovation Expo

The exposition includes an overview of innovation processes of diverse sectors 


On the heels of the ringing success of the Design and Innovation Expo at the Bancaja Cultural Centre in Valencia last summer, organizers decided to extend it by taking the Expo on the road to several Spanish cities. D.A.S. Audio was on hand at the Tudela Campus of the Public University of Navarra for first date of this "tour", which will include the cities of Zaragoza and Bilbao.

Sponsored by the Fundación Bancaja and directed by Gabriel Songel, the head of the Department of Design Management at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the initiative highlights the major milestones achieved by different companies through design and adherence to the highest standards of innovation.

The exposition includes an overview of innovation processes, taking visitors through the design of different Spanish companies from diverse sectors such as banking, home appliances, food, transportation and professional sound. D.A.S. Audio took part in the demonstration alongside the most important companies from the above sectors like Azkoyen, Bancaja, Porcelanosa, Bosch and Mercadona, among others.

Coinciding with this exposition, the Public University of Navarra announced the first Jornadas Empresa Navarra y Diseño (Navarra Business and Design Forum), promoted by the Tudela Campus's Industrial Engineering and Telecommunication School. One of the forum's main objectives is to emphasize design as a key factor of innovation, communication and product differentiation.

Representing the standard of innovation and design of D.A.S. Audio products, the exposition included the highly successful Aero 12A self-powered line array system. This unit was set up to show its "guts," with a plexiglass cover and LED-lit interior.

Thus attendees were able to check out with their own eyes the great technological range that comprises the new D.A.S. Aero Series 2, both in terms of mechanical and acoustic aspects as well as in the essential electrical aspects that are so important in modern sound systems.

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