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The Emerald Hill Group approached D.A.S. again for dbl 0


Singapore's night live offers an amazing array of options. Restaurants, bars, and clubs abound. One of the city's best clubs is Dbl O, which recently reopened in a new venue equipped with a superb sound system comprised of D.A.S. Variant systems. The club's main attraction has always been its top-notch DJ's and the best selection of music with the objective of providing an outstanding dance environment to its patrons.

Having worked together previously for their Pool Room bar, the Emerald Hill Group, approached D.A.S. again with a new concept-Audio and Street Art- were to be the main priorities of the new Dbl O. The group wanted to create an art platform for all local artists, so with the white interior of the club as a canvas, 11 of Singapore's brightest art talents were invited to work their magic on the interior of the club. Graphic designers, street artists, graffiti writer, illustrators and even a renowned local tattoo artist have participated with impressive results.

D.A.S. Audio Asia got to work on the project right away. As The Emerald Hill Group Director, Arden Peddell explained, "The club was designed as a multi-purpose venue, so we needed the capability of easily unrigging and moving the system around should the need arise." The issue of noise pollution was also present, due to the other establishments in the area which include a hotel. D.A.S. Audio was given the task of designing a venue that would provide pristine audio quality without disturbing the other businesses around the premises.

With EASE 4.2 simulations done by D.A.S. engineers, they opted for the Variant Installation Array to provide the sound reinforcement. With hanging points installed all over the venue, the ease of installation of the Variant arrays would allow the club's technical crew to rearrange the systems within the venue with as little effort as possible.

Nine powered Variant 112A installation arrays were flown in three clusters of three each. Low frequency reproduction was handled by a pair of two-unit clusters of the Variant 18A powered subwoofer systems. Loudspeaker management for the system was provided by a D.A.S. DSP-2060 digital signal processor.

D.A.S.'s Ron Koh comments, "With this configuration we were able to achieve a very even coverage with a decreasing SPL from the centre of the venue towards the spots we wanted to be quieter. Having the speakers emit audio from one designated spot also decreases the chances of cancellations, improving the sound in general."

Besides the multitude of street art that embraces the walls of the club, the new D.A.S. Audio system is the main highlight. Considering the mobility, aesthetics and coverage requisites of the venue, the Variant installations arrays and the technical support of D.A.S. Audio Asia proved to be the ideal solution for Dbl O.

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