DASnet Seminar

D.A.S. seminar on the DASnetTM audio management application



  D.A.S. Audio celebrated its DASnet™ Seminar in early July, opening the event to professionals from across Europe. Over twenty sound professionals from across the continent made the trip to D.A.S. Audio’s facilities in Valencia for the two-day seminar on D.A.S. Audio’s audio management software. Coordinated from the company’s Export Department, the technical aspects of the seminar were handled by D.A.S. Audio engineer Inmaculada Herrera.

Professionals from countries as diverse as Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, the Netherlands and Poland kicked off the two-day seminar with a tour of the D.A.S. Audio facilities, where participants had the chance to learned firsthand about the company’s design process and system production. Inmaculada Herrera then followed with an in-depth lecture on the DASnet™ audio management application for powered cabinets and digital signal processors.

The DASnet™ system offers users an instant and intuitive snapshot of the system’s status as well as control over certain parameters of either a single cabinet or an entire network. After explaining the technical aspects of the new D.A.S. Aero 40A systems, the first day of the seminar concluded with an indispensible hands-on activity that put theory into practice. The visiting sound professionals participated in the set up and start up of the new D.A.S. Aero 40A advanced line array systems (ALAS™) as well as the multifunction D.A.S. Convert 15As, both managed via the DASnet™ software.

To top off the two-day seminar participants were invited to Valencia’s Feria de Julio, where they had a chance to experience the powerful features of the D.A.S. Aero 40A systems in action and the advantages of using the DASnet™ application to configure and manage a large-scale sound system. The Feria de Julio is an annual event that brings numerous concerts and dozens of artists to Valencia over a three week period, with superb sound provided by the new D.A.S. Aero 40A advanced line array systems (ALAS™).

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