DAS hits the country music

The Event and Vantec Series convince demanding audiences at three music hotspots in downtown Nashville; FGL House, Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Luke's 32 Bridge





Capital of the state of Tennessee, Nashville is popularly known for being the birthplace of country music and for its vibrant music scene. The city offers extraordinary live music, recording studios, art galleries and sophisticated cuisine, making it a leading entertainment destination where music and sound quality play an important role in keeping both performers and music lovers coming back. Recently, DAS Audio systems´ Event and Vantec were deployed at three key nightspots: FGL House, Jason Aldean's Kitchen and Luke’s 32 Bridge. High Wire Productions (HWP), a live production services company, designed and deployed the sound systems at these three venues. 

Matt Jones, President of HWP, discussed the projects and his reasons for deploying DAS systems. “With all three venues situated in the country music mecca of downtown Nashville and their locations playing an integral role in Nashville’s music scene, the sound systems had to be world class, which was a key factor in our decision to deploy DAS Audio.” Jones added: “We had several members of our team involved in these projects. This included Bo Greenlee, our Production Manager and crew leader, along with Kris Shumate, FOH assistant and engineering manager, as well as Drake Wise and Ryan Waglea, FOH engineers and installation technicians. Each member contributed their expertise to ensure that the facilities met the requirements for top tier shows.” 

The 3-way active line array Event 208A was key in all three installations. Sixteen Event 208A systems and six Event 218A subwoofers were deployed at FGL House. At Jason Aldean's Kitchen, the system consisted of twelve Event 208A and the 2-way self-powered Vantec 12A and Vantec 15A systems, along with six Event 218A subwoofers. At Luke’s 32 Bridge, the configuration included four Event 208A systems and a combination of Vantec 12A and Vantec 15A cabinets. Additionally, ten Vantec 218A subwoofers provided low-frequency reinforcement. 

According to Jones, the Event and Vantec systems were the perfect choice for the venues since “The music reproduction and speech intelligibility delivered by these systems is exceptional. Also, their ability to operate 16 hours a day / 365 days a year says volumes about their reliability. Equally important is the hardware available for these systems, which made installations much easier. Combined with excellent dispersion characteristics and solid build quality, there’s tremendous value in DAS equipment.” 

After being up and running for several months, Jones commented: “Given the constant operation of these systems and the inevitable abuse that naturally occurs in venues like these, DAS Audio equipment has fared very well. With 100+ hours of use a week, these systems get slammed for hours on end and keep reproducing high-quality audio without issue. I am blown away with how hard I can run this brand and it keeps on going.”


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