Dakar 2014

D.A.S. systems with Marti Audio at the Dakar 2014 kick-off in Rosario, Argentina




  D.A.S. professional sound systems were on hand to bring crystal-clear sound to the Dakar Rally 2014 start in Rosario, Argentina. A number of activities —in addition to the symbolic start of the race itself from the esplanade in front of the National Flag Memorial— were held to kick off the toughest of endurance races, including a folk concert headlined by Argentine artists Soledad Pastorutti and Peteco Carabajal.

The prestigious company Marti Audio was contracted to handle the sound for the Dakar-related events in Rosario and once again placed their confidence in D.A.S. Aero Series 2 line array systems to get the job done. Clear and robust sound was a must, as the events held for the widely popular Dakar Rally kick-off were televised to more than 1,000 million viewers worldwide.

The Marti Audio technicians brought in D.A.S. powered Aero 12A line array systems for the Dakar Rally 2014 symbolic race start ceremony. Thirty-eight of these units were deployed in linear formations around the perimeter of the starting ramp, set up so that their angle and direction would ensure coverage for the large spectator area. Four D.A.S. Road 15A stage monitors were distributed on the starting ramp itself to provide sound for the participants and speakers.

Argentine folk music was also present at Dakar 2014, where national artists Soledad Pastorutti and Peteco Carabajal joined together to perform before the race. Marti Audio team opted for large-format D.A.S. Aero 50 line array systems for the folk concert, flying nine of these high-performance systems on opposite sides of the stage in a class left/right set-up. These systems were matched with 16 D.A.S. LX-218 subwoofers, distributed in two blocks of eight systems each that were ground-stacked on either side of the stage.

The main PA was augmented by an army of D.A.S. Road 12A and Road 15A systems, which handled the crucial job of stage monitoring. Easily adaptable, these powered two-way systems were deployed to cover the individual needs of each artist.

The Dakar Rally 2014 marked out a route between the cities of Rosario (Argentina) and Valparaiso (Chile), with a marathon stage in Bolivia. The 446 participating teams —150 cars, 174 motorbikes, 41 quads and 81 trucks— faced an over 9,000 kilometers dash across these three South American countries and had to battle the weather, rugged terrain, navigation traps and sections that run at over 4,800 meters above sea level, true to the race’s reputation as the world’s toughest rally.

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