D.A.S. with Real Madrid

Thousands of fans enjoyed what was a glorious moment in the history of the Real Madrid Club


The Real Madrid Football Club celebrated its 31st title win with D.A.S. sound systems. Thousands of supporters gathered at early hours of the morning at the traditional Plaza Cibeles, located in the Spanish capital, to celebrate with the team their latest title as champions of the Spanish Football League, one of the most prestigious in the world. The area was well prepared for the occasion and the thousands of followers that would gather around the famous Plaza in anticipation of the Spanish players´ arrival. To provide sound for the different events, various D.A.S. Audio powered line array systems were installed. Twelve Aero 38A and twelve Aero 28A line array systems were combined using the AX-Combo rigging frame for flying. Six Aero 218 Sub 2K powered subwoofer systems were used along with four CA-215A.

The systems were distributed in four towers along the perimeter of the fountain. At 3:00 a.m., the eagerly awaited Real Madrid made their entrance to the Plaza Cibeles. From there, they proceeded to the catwalk leading to the fountain. This area was sound equipped with sixteen D.A.S. Compact 2 powered systems reinforced with sixteen Compact 18Sub. Eight D.A.S. Compact 115 powered systems were installed directly at the catwalk, covering the area closest to the Cibeles statue. The crowd started to gather as soon as the game finished, at approximately 11:00 p.m. and was entertained with contemporary songs such as "Relax, Take it easy" from the popular artist Mika, among others, and with the Real Madrid anthem, of course.

The excitement grew as the hours passed as did the amount of followers crowding into the plaza. At 2:00 a.m. the team finally arrived at the Barajas airport and headed towards the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. From there to the Cibeles fountain, atop of their convertible bus, the players shared their joy with the victory-hungry fans. Wearing hats, scarves, and in a state of euphoria after their title win, many of the team players had their own video cameras on hand to immortalize the moment. They sang and danced all night at the Cibeles fountain. Thousands of fans and their idols enjoyed what was, without doubt, a glorious moment in the history of the Real Madrid Football Club. This evening, the D.A.S. sound systems played an outstanding role and were a first hand witness of a moment to be remembered.

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