D.A.S. with Encontros de Verao

This time the show featured Flavio Venturini and Vander Lee


D.A.S. Aero systems were again on hand providing sound reinforcement in Salvador de Bahía (Brazil). The concert celebrated within the "Encontros de Ver&atide;o" (Summer Encounters) festival, which brings together prestigious artists - from Brazilian folk musicians to national Pop-Rock singers - in a series of programmed events that take place during the summer. , two of the greatest representatives of Brazilian music scene.

The concert took place in the ¨Area Verde do Othon¨ (Othon Green Area), a covered outdoor space which is part of the facilities of the luxurious Bahía Othon Palace Hotel. The concert drew about 3.000 spectators, resulting in a packed space where the audience was able to enjoy the performances of both singers thanks to the D.A.S. Aero powered line array systems.

Arena Audio Eventos Ltd. based in Salvador provided the Aero 28A compact systems. Each side of the stage was equipped with five Aero 28A units plus four Aero 182A subwoofer units for low frequency reproduction. As center-fill two additional Aero 28A units were used. The side-fill consisted of D.A.S. Compact series enclosures from the - specifically one Compact 2 unit together with a Compact 18 Sub subwoofer enclosure per side. SML-12A stage monitors were used for stage monitoring. These powered monitors combine great versatility in wide range of applications, together with a visually discrete low-profile design. It is worth mentioning that the entire sound reinforcement system was self-powered which gives an idea of the wide variety of products that D.A.S. Audio offers. The main control was carried out via a Yamaha M7CL console.

The "Encontros de Ver&atide;o" project was the brainstorm of Brazilian producers Ira Carvalho and Israel Andrade. These events offer the public of Bahía the possibility of attending the musical gathering of great idols from Brazilian folk music and national pop-rock singers. The project comprises 5 spectacles throughout the entire summer, this one being featured by Flavio Venturini and Vander Lee. 57 year old Flavio Venturini attained the reputation of a great composer during the 1970s. He was part of bands such as "Terço" and recorded works together with the mythic Milton Nascimento. During the 1980s he founded the "14 Bis" band whose work resulted in 8 records while being part of the band until 1988. After that year he started his solo career which still continues and which he combines with being a producer for new talents.

Vander Lee, who is now 40 years old, comes from a lower class family and became a musician because he was a strong fan of his idols ¨14 Bis.¨ This led him to create a band which, on the weekends, played the hits of the band started by Flavio Venturini. In 1987 he composed his first work and then took his independent CD in a tour throughout many cities, marketing it himself with great effort to finally find a spot in the music circles. In 1999 he recorded his first album.

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